Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Rich city

I am not going to write what I feel like and slag off the Roman Catholic Church.

Instead, here is something I am very puzzled about. Bette Midler started a project years ago to renovate some of New York's parks. This continues to this day . Tiny ones and large ones alike. Where the city wanted to sell some, she bought them and now owns many. She initially put in her own labour to the project, but now acts more as a publicist. They initially started by removing car bodies from parks

Why can't, arguably I suppose, the richest city in the world not afford to maintain it's public parks and wants to sell off some of them? Truly odd.


  1. ...and what city thinks that selling off PUBLIC-owned land is in the interest of the public? Surely New York is built up to such a density that public parks are at a premium and an important part of the cities' fabric?



  2. Anonymous11:51 pm

    In the immortal words of Snake (from the simpsons) "Oh no, Bette Midler!"