Friday, April 15, 2005

Public transport, good tram

Today I had to go to Fitzroy. I walked to the tram stop, waited a minute or so, an uncrowded tram arrived and I travelled to the city.

After a wait of five or so minutes in Collins St the tram arrived to take me to Fitzroy.

I finished my business in Fitzroy and caught the tram to Victoria Street and alighted.

After a couple of minutes, the tram arrived to take me to Swanston and Latrobe Streets, an old tram.

I walked out of the QV building with my 12 sheets of frozen puff pastry and straight away boarded a tram to come home.

All trips were fast, no delays, not crowded and comfortable.

When Melbourne's tram system works well, it it magical. When it doesn't, you could tear your hair out in frustration.

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