Friday, April 15, 2005

Public transport, bad tram

I don't catch a tram that often. Sometimes four times a week. Some weeks not at all. We decided to walk into the city from home, but yesterday there was a howling strong wind blowing as we set off so we thought we get the tram at the next stop.

Ah, but it is ten to ten, we will walk until ten and then we will catch the tram and my partner will have nearly three hours on his two hour ticket.

But by ten, we were close to our destination and the wind had died a bit, so we just kept walking.

Our destination was the Arts Centre but we wanted to continue onto the city after that, so we went to the nearest tram stop after exiting the Arts Centre.

We saw the back of a tram that had just passed and waited for the next one. This is in St Kilda Rd that has 5 routes with a Saturday 12 minute service, and 3 routes with a 15 minute service. You do the maths on how long on average we should have waited for a tram.

We waited for what felt like twenty minutes, but it was probably 12 minutes as I think the tram we saw back of was a number 1 and the tram we eventually caught was a number 1. There must have been a big problem at Domain Rd interchange or nearby.

As we scoffed our bacon and eggs at the Rest and Relax Cafe in Swanston St, the trams started to flow again, showing City Latrobe St, City, and other short terminations.

R ranted and raved about the crap trams while we waited at the Arts Centre. I guessed there was a problem and understood, but sheesh, as a casual traveller, you would not be impressed. Buses are certainly superior in this situation.

But there must be a way to minimise these significant delays on the present tram system that never used to happen when there was only W trams.

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  1. I tend to make full use of my travel pass. Travelling to the city from Elsternwick is only about 15 minutes by train, and is a quick trip.

    However, public transport does suck arse when you're a passenger. The other night I suffered poor connections, lack of timetable/route information and other minor issues.

    As a rule, PT is not a good idea for longer journeys, unless you can complete it in one trip. Last year I had to travel to Fitzroy St. My only real option was to get a 67, and wait at St Kilda Town Hall. If a 69 came (pre merger), all good. If a 3 came, well, I'd get that to St Kilda Junction and wait for a 16. I ended up doing the latter. Too long a journey.


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