Friday, April 29, 2005

Out to a bar, almost

It is a couple years now since we have been to a gay venue, excepting NYE. Last Saturday we decided to go to Pink at the Newmarket Hotel in Inkerman St. Beforehand we met friends at 7.30 at the 80 year old Dame M's St Kilda mansion and from there it would be just a walk down the hill to the venue.

That was the intention but it was not to be. At 12.30, quite drunk and with jaws aching from laughing so much, we staggered out of Dame M's and into a cab home. Five hours of just sitting and chatting and laughing and it seemed like half an hour. Sometimes I feel very priveleged to have the friends I have, but also fearful as they won't all be around forever. Still, enjoy it while we can.

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