Monday, April 18, 2005

Out of my comfort zone

Saturday night drinks at the Dame's then to the Balaclava Hotel for dinner with friends and the o/s rels.

Sunday take them to Williamstown via a very circuitous route. We had to go to that large hardware store in Miller's Rd, Altona, on the way and thought, instead of turning left from there and heading to Williamstown, we will go to Sanctuary Lakes.

I rarely watch commercial tv, and so I while I was expecting a pretty little lake surrounded by gardens or in a nice bush settting, R informed me when we were almost there that it was a large housing development with a flooded swamp, ok, wetlands if you insist, in the middle of it.

We drove around it a bit and the houses are huge two story, enviromentally inappropriate monsters with barely room for a blade of grass in the gardens. Why????

The public plantings were very well done and so long as the water is continued to be poured onto them, they will turn out very nicely.

When the builder built our little house in Balaclava in 1890, I doubt he thought it would still be there in 2005 and a testament to his workmanship.

I wonder if it occured to the builders of these places what they would be like in twenty years time? Who would live there? Who would want to? Obviously some people like them now. But then again, maybe I am totally wrong, Melbourne will be so crowded and wow, it is green paradise only around 30 mins from city.

It was good to see the Sanctuary Lakes Railway Station has been built, along with extensive grid of tram lines running to the shopping centre and the railway station and the schools and all the facilities. Well, I did see a large supermarket and bottle shop with a very large carpark.

A late lunch in Williamsown and a walk through the market was a welcome return to civilisation.

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  1. All those new housing estates have words like park, lake, heights, waters, rise, etc, in them. And oh my golly but never say Werribee, Laverton, Cranbourne, Berwick, etc.