Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The noble Australian Aboriginal

The noble Australian Aboriginal is a bit of a mouthfull. I think referring to them as abos is not so nice, but many do. Privately and only among the closest of friends I might say boongs, but I only do that for shock value in the same way I would say 'pigs arse' in a very deep voice to an erroneous statement someone may have made.

They, the noble Australian Aboriginal, seem quite happy to call us 'white fellas', so in the future I shall refer to our noble Australilan Aborignal as 'black fellas'. It works. "Hey black fella, wotcha doin?" If the intonation is right, I think that works.

Doubt I will have an opportunity to use it and doubt you, any reader, will either.

1 comment:

  1. Well it is true, they do call us "White fella" quite often. What makes them so special that they can be above the law.

    Now i have to sew up my mouth before I let fly.