Thursday, April 07, 2005

Negative and depressing or 'Patterson'

My blog is sounding very negative at the moment, so I will write something a bit cheery. I am scratching my head.

I did have an outing on Tuesday which was a bit interesting. R's car had to be serviced so Monday night we dropped it Brighton Hyundai which I think is in Bentleigh. He went there straight from work and I picked him up. The next day, he took my car to work.

I said I would make my own way to the car service garage the next day and he could come straight from work, collect his car and give me mine back.

I had a look at the
Melways and realised the place was near Patterson railway station. I had always associated the name with Patterson Lakes. I could probably tell you exactly where every railway station is that is south or east of the city, most western ones and some northern ones. But I never knew where Patterson was.

I was in the Carlton and caught the tram to Flinders St Station. That was a mistake as I should have alighted at Melbourne Central Station as the train went around the City Loop and passed Melbourne Central. But no matter, I was not in a hurry. I used to know which way trains went in the Loop at which times, but I have forgotten now.

To my pleasure, the train was one of the new Siemens trains. I had never travelled on one before, nor the other new Melbourne train. It was very smooth, cool and clean. What was alarming, was the flexible concertina material between carriages. It moved so much. Up and down, back and forth, sideways, diagonally, and not just a little bit. I am talking like half a metre it seemed. Quite alarming. Tram concertina material only really moves when going around a corner and then only one direction.

From the window of the train I saw the back of a workmates house in McKinnon and remembered that those huge trees that are there now were tiny little alder trees planted in a row along the back fence many years ago.

I alighted at Patterson Station, walked down the ramp and found myself in the midst of what must be the Patterson local shops for local people. I went into the newsagent looking for bookmark flags that seem to be only sold by large office supply companies. I went into the milk bar and bought an IC milk drink (how working class is that, but I was hungry).

I walked along Patterson Street toward Nepean Highway, past a closed liquor outlet and a few other closed businesses. Village strip shops aren't very profitable now. I checked out the the houses, some were ok, but the gardens were dreadful. Lots of clipped shrubs and nothing allowed to grow over head height. What about some trees you Patterson folk? Plant an oak! Plant a gum. Not even a liquid amber to be seen.

There was a quite nice looking park that I walked past.

So, that was a bit of an outing to unfamiliar territory and I now know about Patterson.


  1. My old stomping ground :)

    That is a picture of the railway bridge in Patterson Rd sometime in the 1920's. Thought you might like to have a look at it.

  2. Fantastic pic of a very utilitarian railway bridge. Thanks.

  3. I'm also impressed that you didn't consult the UBD. You don't want to use any product that is produced by liars.