Friday, April 22, 2005

Bang bang, I shot him down. Bang bang, he hit the ground

In the state of Victoria, Commonwealth of Australia, Dominion of United Kingdom, three people were shot dead this week. You cannot shoot anyone if you don't have a gun. As a kiddie, there were plenty of guns around. We were taught not to carry them loaded, always point them down to the ground, be careful when going through fences, have them ready but the safety catch on.

Never thought much about them until multiple shootings happened in Australia.

But now, there are many guns it would seem. Pop, you're dead. So easy.

Politicians have banned, restricted, made tests to own, etc etc. But still, I don't like you anymore, bang bang.

Once again Mr J Howard and with the support of all politicians has pulled the wool over the population's eyes with his firearm bans.

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