Tuesday, March 22, 2005

You are the dancing queen

Well my partner was, at Mamma Mia on Sunday. I resisted easily seeing it when it was on the last time in Melbourne. But I should have gone as it would have only cost me one best seat in the house instead of two.

It was his birthday surprise but he did work it out beforehand as I had to tell him that friends were coming to our place for pre show nibbles and drinks at a particular time and not make any other plans.

While $100 a ticket is a lot, and I can never see the value in these big musical productions as against local theatre productions, it was truly a great show and suggest that if you have not seen it, do so.

Today is his actual birthday and I forgot this morning until he starting singing happy birthday to himself. 'Oh, darling, so sorry', and bolted to get him his already written birthday card.

Then tonight I have a meeting and will only see him briefly after work. Not the best birthday he has had, but I hope I made up for with quantity (cost) rather than quality.

Drinks last night with our dear dyke heart transplant friend from Sydney who has moved back to Melbourne. You would not know anything happened and the offer from her to show us her scars was declined.

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