Saturday, March 26, 2005

You are clever

Well, one of you is. The one who knows exactly how to report faulty street lights. I have a vague recollection of reporting a faulty street light many years ago. I think I rang the SEC, the State Electricity Commission and told them. A day or so later, they came around and fixed it.

For some odd reasons, our local street lights are coming on nearly an hour after it is dark. Also, two of the more prominent ones are out. Who, in these privatised times, is responsible for them? I checked our local power company's website and found nothing there.

I typed Melbourne city street lights into google and nothing useful except for a link at City of Whittlesea for reporting faulty street lights.

That gave me the clue that I should report it to the council. Except our road is a shared council road and the problem street lights are on both sides. Ah well, look at City of Melbourne's website. No obvious link there but there was a contact address, so I did.

I am not holding my breath though. I just hope that as it is such a prominent road, someone in a position to fix it will notice.

There should be something like to report faults.


  1. Back in the days of the SEC, you wouldn't have poles leaning and you wouldn't hear the constant buzzing of a transmission box waiting to blow up.

    The current system is so user unfriendly and will remain so.

  2. Just ring the number on your electricity bill. The same mob do the street lights in your street.

    From memory they may even offer you $5 or something off your bill if they don't fix it within a few days of you reporting it.

  3. Yeah, pretty obvious really isn't it. But I think it is a different power company to ours. Does that matter?

  4. Ah. No idea, but if you ring, they should be able to tell you if it's them or somebody else (and if so, who).


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