Thursday, March 24, 2005

What is wrong with me

Why do people bore me so much? Never people I choose to associate with, but the ones you just happen across. Chit chat to the check out chick, conversation to someone in the lift, interaction with waiters, people at work, customers. I am wasting good thinking time talking to you. Go away.

But from these painful contacts with people come friends, people you respect, people you read.........I dunno. You would think at my age, I would have worked this all out.


  1. awwww but not all of them are boring. You do get the nice ones that you would love to chat with.

  2. You may very much say that William, but the person who provoked that somewhat stupid post of mine was a person who works in your area, customer service person in public transport. I did not want to hear about her marriage, her home living with her mother, the boarding house accom she stays in in an inner suburb and everything else about her life that she told me. But I was very nice and polite.

  3. When that happens again, just listen for the violin quietly playing in the background. I get that quite a bit from work and they just don't get the hint.


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