Saturday, March 26, 2005

Mum's birfdy

71 now. Could someone tell her she is supposed to be old now and behave as such. No matter how hard I tried, she always managed to steer the conversation back to medical matters, hers.

I like Melbourne's public transport's commuters attidudes, sullen, don't speak to me, keep the space between us.

But hey, you have not seen my mother on public transport. The first person she sees on boarding will hear a story of how terrified she is of the doors. The next person will hear that she is from the country. The next will hear that her oldest son lives in the city. The next will hear of her youngest son and his wife's and teenage children spendthrift ways. If it was a tram, she will half of the tram engaged and half of that will offer her sympathy or assistance, the other medical diagnosis and referral or even just a chat about their relative who lives in the country.

But in case you think she is an old person who gets on public transport and chats to and bores someone, no, she engages the whole carriage.

Another confession came out tonight. While she and my father were living in a caravan and building their house in downtown South Oakleigh, some of my fathers mates came around and distracted him from his task. My mother's solution was to tell them to go away and reinforce it by throwing potatoes at them. It was only half told.........not sure why she did it.

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