Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Odd motoring

There are few things about the way people drive that really puzzle me, such as why 4WDs attempt to make U turns when traffic is approaching in both directions. The traffic is forced to stop while the 4WD completes an unplanned three point turn. The turning circle is poor, it would seem, on four wheel drives, although the owners never seem to pick this fact up. I often feel tempted to suggest that they ought to buy a car more suited to their driving abilities.

But the one that puzzles me the most is on multi lane roads and motorways when drivers are in the outside lane and swing across all lanes of traffic to use a left exit. Ok, sometimes you can make a last minute decision that you want to exit somewhere unexpectedly. But there are so many, it can’t be the total reason.

Now I am not the best driver and I dislike motorways or driving at speed because I am no longer used to it, but say I enter the West Gate Freeway at Kingsway and wish to exit at Williamstown Rd. As soon as I am on the freeway, I have in my mind that I will be exiting left. While I may not stay in the correct lane for the exit the whole way, no way will I be in the right hand lane 200 metres from the exit. It sticks in my head that I am going to exit left and need to be vaguely on the left hand side of the road. Is it a lack of concentration by drivers?

The worst example of this is on our recognised as dangerous Western Ring Road. I have travelled on it only a few times and it is truly scary. So many make the above last minute manoeuvre. It is a viable road to use to go to the airport. Not much longer and free, but I would rather pay City Link tolls than use it.

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  1. This may well be a stereotype, but the Western Ring Rd (as the name suggests) goes through the western suburbs. Out there you've got a lot of motorhead morons with small penises who drive like idiots to compensate.

    The fact the Western Ring Rd is a 2 lane freeway in parts doesn't help.

    Every time I head over the West Gate Bridge I stay in the inner-most lane, and stay on the limit. It pisses other people off, but I have a massive phobia of that bridge and the only way I can drive over it is by being in the inside lane.