Thursday, February 10, 2005

I recently noticed an unseen state motto on a numberplate. I forget what is was now, but it made me observe number plates for the rest of the day, and casually for a week.

Did you know we had so many different slogans on number plates?

I had no idea.

Here are some Victorian ones.

Garden State (what I think of as the John Cain plates)
On the Move ( the Kennett plates, and Vic was on the move then, to QLD)
The Place to Be ( the Bracks plates)
John Kirner did not get an honour there.
Victoria 150
Victoria Centenary of Federation
Australia Grand Prix Melbourne
Melbourne City of Enterprise
Vic – Thoroughbred Country
Vic – Olympics on the Move (well, they moved right on past didn’t they)

Not enough for you?

South Australia
The Rose State
The Defence State (Defending what? Keeping people out?)
The Wine State
The Creative State
The Festival State


The Nation’s Capital
Heart of the Nation
Feel the Power of Canberra (I do every day)


Sunshine State
Smart State (I am gonna offend someone here, but really!!!)

New South Wales

The Premier State (from the time of Neville Wran I think. His ego would have approved of The Wran State)
NSW – The First State (first in what? Style? Culture? And it wasn’t actually a state originally)
Share the Spirit (yeah, the best slogan. Just the one thanks. To the top please. No ice)

Here are my suggestions.
Victoria, the grey state
NSW, the superficial state
QLD, the redneck state
SA, the hot and dry state
WA, the not really Australia state
NT, the hot and wet/dry state
Tas, you pay too much to forget us state

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