Thursday, January 06, 2005

Victim of society (or f'ing thief)

Stereotypes are just that. But there is often a basis in them. You could pick the dude as a thief from one hundred paces. He was busy snipping away with bolt cutters at a bicycle lock outside the city baths. Obviously enough, it was holding a bicycle. Some heavy solid European guy challenged him and boy could this thief run. He ran across Victoria St, dodging cars, along Vic St and up a side street. He was fast. He should do something useful in life like enter sprinting comps. Before he bolted, he did toss the bolt cutter at the bloke who challenged him. Fortunately it missed and the guy was puzzled as to what to do next. He entered the city baths but came straight back out. Maybe it was his bike, but I suspect not. He just stood there looking perplexed and wondering what to do. I am sure he thought of calling the police, but quickly discounted it.

I think eight years jail is a reasonable punishment for a bicycle thief. Even for the worst naughty young man……..’Mate, just grab any bike.’ ‘Nah, dude, eight years is too long’.

Minimum ten years for assault on someone you did not know. That guy I saw who shoved an elbow hard into a Japanese tourist woman’s face, grabbed her bag and took off down Swanston St. He should get ten years locked up for sure.

While I was driving in the left lane in the Queen’s Way St Kilda Junction underpass today, that guy in the big van that passed me in the emergency lane at around 90kph, he should have his licence taken away. It was so pointless anyway. He crossed three lanes of traffic by the time he reached Lorne St, but then I was parked one car back from him at the lights at Albert Rd.

I have travelled the path of extreme conservatism as a teen, to being a liberal caring thoughtful person in my twenties and thirties, and in my late forties, lock the m*****f****** up. The argument that putting young people in a criminal environment such as jail, makes them worse. So what! Just lock them up again. Build more prisons if necessary. Assault on a person is the worst possible crime. No forgiveness, no allowances…….well perhaps domestic situations or provocation do come into it but I am well over this scum spoiling our quite nice city. Nothing to do with race, but what about that scum that tied up and terrorised a mother/grandmother/aunt and some of her kiddie rels.

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