Monday, January 03, 2005

Three days off

It is not often that I have three days off work in a row, but I did this weekend. I knew in advance that by the third day, I would be wanting to be away from the city.

Without the complex details, partner and two friends went for a long drive. We drove to Geelong and had coffee and cake at my sister and her partner's house. We then drove to Queenscliff, intending to have lunch, but we were a bit overloaded on morning tea, so decided to delay lunch. It was a 12.45 so we thought we would travel with the car on the ferry across to Sorrento. The traffic on the road to ferry was stationary and the boat pulled out at 1.10. We reached the pay point at 1.15, so had to wait until after 2.00 before the next boat left. But it was ok. We decided to get some food from the caf there, as we would be very late arriving in Sorrento.

Just as well, Sorrento was packed with people and the traffic barely moving. We patiently got through Sorrento to the back beach where we had lovely cake and coffee and some nice views of tanned, muscular, healthy young men. I explained to friends how a horse drawn and then later a steam tram used to travel to the beach and along the cliffside from Sorrento. They were fascinated, not.

It was a nice day out even if a bit too much sitting in the car. Note to self, less is more. Don't cover so much distance next time.

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