Thursday, January 06, 2005

Thai racial stereotyping

Cheating money grabbing Thais. And Filipinos. I am not sure about Filipinos. I will leave that for others to judge.

You can't go to Thailand without feeling you are being cheated at every turn, ripped off, with a smile sometimes, Thai just think about themselves and money.

Well, not the Thai people I know, but they are very Australian, so that's different.

Well, my faith in Thais is restored for three reasons.

One is a personal connection, so no names, but how one Aussie person with a Thai b/f who stopped dead short the family rip off of a 'farang' by his family, simple by saying he no longer saw his 'farang' friend.

The second is what I read in The Age, online. A barefoot European female victim of the Tsunami was wandering disoriented (for young people, disorientated) along the street with her young daughter and a Thai woman stopped her and insisted she take her shoes for her feet. The Thai woman then made the Euro woman wait while she went to the local shop and returned with some shoes for her daughter.

Third, an aquaintance, who was the manager of a small Thai island resort, was washed out to sea, washed back in again and washed back out again. He had to swim back in, well actually pick his way through the debris over a period of three hours, said that within a couple of hours of the big waves, very poor local Thai people have arrived with practical house hold goods, clothes, blankets and shelter for for not just the local Thai people, but 'farang' too.

Your natural Thai bloke (that is a sex inclusive term) is pretty good at heart, just like most Aussie blokes, what ever colour we happen to be at the moment.

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