Thursday, January 27, 2005

My browser list

Daniel recently published his browser list. Here is mine from a couple of days ago when I meant to publish it. It is suprisingly boring.
Checking something, can't remember
There was an underground rail accident in Bangkok, just as my Thai friend said there would be and he would never travel on it.
Looking at high rise property details before I fire bomb them
Forthcoming holiday
Selling something
I used to like Marc Bolan of T Rex. Thought I would see why I liked him.
I wasn't cruising chat, promise
AFE's blog
More Darwin holiday stuff
That was J. Oddly the only porno site that came up. Deleted coz you are all too sensitive and easily shocked to look at it.
More on the Bangkok railway
Research for a blog post on number plates
Checking the date of Mardi Gras
More Darwin holiday
Just rechecked this one and I am still unsure. Very odd picture
Palace cinemas, such as Como, Dendy etc
More Darwin
Looking for details of Yarra ferry. Not sure why in railways
Checking water restrictions as we are having our nature strip replaced
More Marc Bolan stuff
More Darwin stuff
We are not buying a bar stool or a pool table. No idea on this one
More number plate research
Currency converter. Probably trying to convert Australian dollars to Darwin dollars
Email and yahoo groups
More Darwin stuff

Lastly a tip. If you value your privacy, turn the browser history off.

Happy Australia Day to you all.

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