Saturday, January 01, 2005

Highriser's nye

Pretty low key night really. Dinner at a friends place and then to the Newmarket Hotel in Inkerman St, St Kilda for Pink, the Showbags present venue. We had not been before and after parking the car and walking just 50 metres to the venue, I had to jump off the footpath as someone was about to walk straight through me. Partner had a word to say to him, but I thought it was better to ignore it. Ya picks ya marks. This one looked mean and nasty.

The door bitch I recognised as a worker in a supermarket in Malvern. Don' think she recognised me, not sure. But next time I see her at work, I will mention it.

It was not crowded, but enough for a good atmosphere. But wow, what a cocktail you make from the substances flowing through most of their bloodstreams. An older but surgically enhanced drag queen who has been in the biz since Les Girls days was there, with her very loud partner. He was truly scary but also correct when he said, 'shut the f*** up T. You're speeding off your face'.

There were quite a lot of drag queens, and some......well can't think of the name, old guys who dress as woman and look totally tragic. A few cuties were scattered among the patrons. It reminded me very much of the Greyhound in it's early days as a gay venue.

Am I sounding negative? Well perhaps about the venue. But the shows were fantastic, great outfits, great performances, good music, cheap drinks and only $10 entry. Really, we are a bit old to be standing around bars. It is not fun anymore, which is why we don't normally do it.

We bolted just after midnight and home to find our building pretty well intact and unlike last year, no vomit on the balcony. We did observe many strange cars in the car park that should not have been there.

We sat and had a couple of g&ts on the balcony for a while and tried to ascertain the success of all night tram service, then watched the taped Melbourne fireworks, which at the end switched to Sydney's NYE fire works. Melbourne really can't compete with Sydney on this score. Sydney's on the bridge were fantastic.

Meanwhile, as we learned today, plenty was happening in the building. There was a party on the top floor with perhaps up to a hundred guests. The guard stopped them coming in the front door, but then they started to be let in the carpark. Two sixty year old members and two fifty year old members of the body corp committee, plus the building manager and his wife plus the guard were trying to sort it out at 2.30 am. Guests had decided they would sleep on the landing. Power was switched off to the apartment, but it made no difference. Then a male streaker ran through the foyer (damn, missed that). Security was kept on after usual 4am finish to 6am. Billed to owner of offending apartment. Security for next NYE under review.

Do you have a mental picture of the apartment having the party? Lots of straight Aussie teens/early 20s out of control? Nope, all Asian heritage.

Not personally, but I don't think 2004 has been much of a year. Perhaps I should indulge less in media.

Happy New Year to all.

Those with sensitive minds or conservative views please read no further.



You have been warned.





Boy, would I like to tie up, fuck, torture and abuse this right wing, capitalist pig Tory fucker. Just until he begged, 'please Maggie and Ronnie, no more'.

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