Saturday, January 01, 2005

Deep, very deep

Rape, what is that all about then? Blame Cracker on ABC tv for this question. I hear that rape is not sex but power. I am not so sure about that.

In Cracker there was a female copper who was involved in a rape case who got raped.
The offender seemed totally anonymous but the history of such cases shows that he would be a person known to the victim.

The rape was horrific which leads me to thinking about what different sorts of rape there could be.

Letter writers and talk back radio callers would like things neatly classified. Rape, 15 years. Feminists would agree on a basic sentence for rape.

But really at it's most basic, there must be at least two types of rape.

Type one must be an assault rape, by an anon person. EG, woman walking down the street, dragged into a dark lane and raped.

Type two would be two people meeting at a party, chatting, kissing, groping, off to a dark area, more groping, finding a vacant room, more of the above and suddenly the girl says no, but the guy does not listen.

My logic on this is unassailable I think.

If you kinda agree to that, then there must be degrees of rape and there must be situations in between, which can only be judged by the facts and details put before a court.

I really think rape should be dealt with as an assault and assault should be dealt with as rape.

As a male, if I was dragged into a lane and beaten up, it would be no worse than being dragged into a lane and raped.

It is a complicated thing and those who argue for minimum sentencing should have a longer think about it.

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