Tuesday, January 04, 2005

A bit lighter

My blog has been getting a bit heavy of late. Lighten up, back to nature.

I was at the Camberwell tram terminus recently and it must have been a holdiday or something, as for once the roar of the traffic wasn't so bad. I could hear noises from the eucaplypt tree adjacent to where I was standing. Ah, possums, making hot passionate love I surmised, well rooting if you like. Not like I remember the noises, but what else could it be? Perhaps Camberwell possums have more wefined grunts and squeaks.

I listened harder and stared into the blackness. Finally I could see they were bats hanging from the tree.

One or two bats are lovely, en masse like the were in the Botanic Gardens, they are not. It took a while but it looks like it has been a successful move.

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