Saturday, January 01, 2005

Deep, very deep

Rape, what is that all about then? Blame Cracker on ABC tv for this question. I hear that rape is not sex but power. I am not so sure about that.

In Cracker there was a female copper who was involved in a rape case who got raped.
The offender seemed totally anonymous but the history of such cases shows that he would be a person known to the victim.

The rape was horrific which leads me to thinking about what different sorts of rape there could be.

Letter writers and talk back radio callers would like things neatly classified. Rape, 15 years. Feminists would agree on a basic sentence for rape.

But really at it's most basic, there must be at least two types of rape.

Type one must be an assault rape, by an anon person. EG, woman walking down the street, dragged into a dark lane and raped.

Type two would be two people meeting at a party, chatting, kissing, groping, off to a dark area, more groping, finding a vacant room, more of the above and suddenly the girl says no, but the guy does not listen.

My logic on this is unassailable I think.

If you kinda agree to that, then there must be degrees of rape and there must be situations in between, which can only be judged by the facts and details put before a court.

I really think rape should be dealt with as an assault and assault should be dealt with as rape.

As a male, if I was dragged into a lane and beaten up, it would be no worse than being dragged into a lane and raped.

It is a complicated thing and those who argue for minimum sentencing should have a longer think about it.

Highriser's nye

Pretty low key night really. Dinner at a friends place and then to the Newmarket Hotel in Inkerman St, St Kilda for Pink, the Showbags present venue. We had not been before and after parking the car and walking just 50 metres to the venue, I had to jump off the footpath as someone was about to walk straight through me. Partner had a word to say to him, but I thought it was better to ignore it. Ya picks ya marks. This one looked mean and nasty.

The door bitch I recognised as a worker in a supermarket in Malvern. Don' think she recognised me, not sure. But next time I see her at work, I will mention it.

It was not crowded, but enough for a good atmosphere. But wow, what a cocktail you make from the substances flowing through most of their bloodstreams. An older but surgically enhanced drag queen who has been in the biz since Les Girls days was there, with her very loud partner. He was truly scary but also correct when he said, 'shut the f*** up T. You're speeding off your face'.

There were quite a lot of drag queens, and some......well can't think of the name, old guys who dress as woman and look totally tragic. A few cuties were scattered among the patrons. It reminded me very much of the Greyhound in it's early days as a gay venue.

Am I sounding negative? Well perhaps about the venue. But the shows were fantastic, great outfits, great performances, good music, cheap drinks and only $10 entry. Really, we are a bit old to be standing around bars. It is not fun anymore, which is why we don't normally do it.

We bolted just after midnight and home to find our building pretty well intact and unlike last year, no vomit on the balcony. We did observe many strange cars in the car park that should not have been there.

We sat and had a couple of g&ts on the balcony for a while and tried to ascertain the success of all night tram service, then watched the taped Melbourne fireworks, which at the end switched to Sydney's NYE fire works. Melbourne really can't compete with Sydney on this score. Sydney's on the bridge were fantastic.

Meanwhile, as we learned today, plenty was happening in the building. There was a party on the top floor with perhaps up to a hundred guests. The guard stopped them coming in the front door, but then they started to be let in the carpark. Two sixty year old members and two fifty year old members of the body corp committee, plus the building manager and his wife plus the guard were trying to sort it out at 2.30 am. Guests had decided they would sleep on the landing. Power was switched off to the apartment, but it made no difference. Then a male streaker ran through the foyer (damn, missed that). Security was kept on after usual 4am finish to 6am. Billed to owner of offending apartment. Security for next NYE under review.

Do you have a mental picture of the apartment having the party? Lots of straight Aussie teens/early 20s out of control? Nope, all Asian heritage.

Not personally, but I don't think 2004 has been much of a year. Perhaps I should indulge less in media.

Happy New Year to all.

Those with sensitive minds or conservative views please read no further.



You have been warned.





Boy, would I like to tie up, fuck, torture and abuse this right wing, capitalist pig Tory fucker. Just until he begged, 'please Maggie and Ronnie, no more'.

Friday, December 31, 2004

Two movies

I taped some ads on tv a few weeks ago, and slotted in between them was the movie Iris. Nice little story of English author Iris Murdoch's slide in senile dementia (can't spell that althem word). Fisrt class acting by Dame Judy Dench and her co star, playing her husband, was excellent too.

Today we went to the cinema and saw Motor Cycle Diaries. I read a lot about Che Guevara years ago, and I am afraid what I read and can remember did not gell with the character on the screen. But it is a movie, not a biography, and was entertaining enough.

Oh yeah, and the interior of the Cinema Como has had a major make over. Very nice indeed.

And we caught a tram in Chapel St, and unlike the usual electronic whine, this tram went ding ding, clunk, shhhhhhh and we were off.

Highriser wastes mental energy

If you are a reader of my blog, you may by now know that I am gay. It is not a big deal really, unless you want it to be. But of course it defines me and sticks a label on me. But I love labels on people, so no problem.

Sometimes you can be overly sensitive about the biz though. That is looking for hurt where it might not be.

Here is an example where I could have saved me self some angst.

I recently made a comment to a blog I regularly read. It was a sympathetic comment that perhaps would not have come from a straight 40 odd year old male. And of course, when you post, it links back to your blog where in my description of myself it readily mentions that I am gay.

The next comment to the blog was brief (I must learn how to make brief comments to blogs) and concluded, ‘At least you are not homo mate’.

Ouch, this blog is usually quite gay tolerant and the blogger certainly is.

This was this morning. As the day wore on, I thought about it more and more. Effing homophobic c.

Now some history. Early in my net useage, I was in a gay chat room and some guy messaged me and seemed nice enough, but then started getting nasty. Obviously he was a latent homosexual with some issue about it, but no need to lambast me with homophobic comments. I might have a least admired him if he sounded clever, but he sounded very red neck and unoriginal. This was back in the days when all we had to chat with was MIRC. (something Internet Relay Chat, if you are wondering). But MIRC used to tell you an awful lot about chatters, and with the help of a friend, I worked out that he was at an Albury Tertiary College. I contacted them with his details and they investigated and later told me that because of his abuse of his internet facility, his account was suspended for three months.

So I do take homophobia seriously, if it suits me. I was new to net chat, and I did not need that.

So what do I do about this homophobic prick that made the comment today. Well, I trust the blogger guy, and he will make a soothing comment or erase the original comment. If he doesn’t, then I won’t read his blog anymore. It is not true revenge, but self-satisfying.

But although yours truly is often dumb, sometimes he is not and always believes in arming himself with facts and both sides before action or protest. I went back and had another look, hoping that this homophobic guy had his own blog. I could get some savvy internet friends to ‘do something’. I clicked on the link, and hmmm, pic, cute enough looks………………oops. It says he is gay. Owww.

Hating is a wasted emotion, more so when you are wrong.
Can I just add, not sure why he made the comment. Being gay is good. I am pleased to be gay. I will read his blog a bit and see where he is coming from……..tomorrow.

Thursday, December 30, 2004


Listen kiddies, this example shows you how it works.

New Year’s Eve 2003/4. Public transport shambles. PTUA gets great mileage with videos of packed trams and trains, and many left stranded. Outrage on radio talkback. State Government defensive.

Pre NYE 2004/5.

Government announces all night train service and extended tram service. Train company bribes train drivers with promise of a day in lieu and double time and a half, and still not many biting. It remains to be seen.

Tram company can play with the roster and extend the service. Much complaining from staff and mentions of sickies.

But this is what was told to me, so I am not putting my name to it nor saying it is true. Tram staff were complaining about only receiving normal pay for working on christmas day so the tram union and the tram management got together and decided the tram staff would be paid public holiday rate for working christmas day, the quid pro quo being that trams would run all night NYE. 24 extra shifts were allocated to at least one depot and at this stage, three of them are covered. Everywhere in the depot mentioned, there are notices calling for staff to work overtime NYE. I doubt there are many takers.

I might be wrong, and I think it is a gamble on the government’s part, but I think practically it won’t be much better than last year.

But credit to the government, they made all night NYE transport happen. Credit to the tram/train companies, they made all night NYE transport happen. Credit to PTUA, they agitated and made all night NYE transport happen (sorry DB, not having a go).

But Blanche, it just ain’t gonna happen.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Big wave

It starts slowly and gently. Like the Bali bomb, you hear of it first in a low key way. Maybe just a quick mention on the late night news before you go to bed. It slips from your mind until morning.

Over the next few days the horror of it becomes apparent. The rich and famous have been affected, along with many many more poor. The media personalizes it as we in Australia are directly affected.

It is pointless to mention how many are dead as the figure rises so quickly.

I believe that basic charity is a role for the government in western countries. That is one reason why we pay taxes. I rarely give to what I see as the empire building private charities. But this time I will make an exception. Red Cross I guess.

Monday, December 27, 2004

To NYE or not

Last New Year's Eve

  • Food and drinks at a friends house, 6 to 8.30
  • Barbecue at another friend's house, 9 to 11
  • Visit a friend who lives at Beacon Cove and he took us up onto the roof of the apartment building and we watched the city fireworks, 11.30 to 12.30
  • Home to where siblings and hangers on had arrived after being in city. Bodies all over floor but yours truly and some others kept going, 1 to 8
  • Swim in pool with remainder of guests, 8 to 9
  • Sleep, 10 to 2
  • Vow never again, 2

This year's New Year plan

  • Nought
  • Zero
  • Zilch
  • Nowt
  • Nothing
  • Watch fireworks on tv
  • Wish b/f a happy NY
  • Go to bed