Saturday, December 11, 2004

Telstra and the bomb

Will a mention of bomb in the subject line have ASIO reading my blog? Not for long I think as I miss spelled it. It should be Telstra and the bom. Bureaux of Meterology (highriser is not a good spelr). Not good enough Zeigfield. For a week in Melbourne we have had tropical weather, humidity, storms, heavy rains.

For two days I could not view the rain radar at the weather bureau's site. I depend on the rain radar to plan my day and how to dress. Yesterday I rang them and they asked if I was a Telstra internet user. I am and they told me the fault was with Telstra and I needed to contact them.

Call the most dialled number ever from my phone, tech support on 133 933. A recorded message about a problem with webmail and then the phone hung up. Called twice more and no doubt added to Ziggy's retirement payout, same result. Tried in the afternoon, different recorded message, but it still hung up on me. Called the general enquiry number and she managed to get me into the queue. Gave up after 20 mins. I always utilize the time spent when on hold. I emptied the dishwasher, read a page of the newspaper and wrote out a christmas card for my step father.

But this morning the rain radar is working again, and I am a more relaxed and confident person. This bloody www is insidious. While you can sling out a phrase like, the net is great but wouldn't care really if I didn't have it, I think I would.

The wireless

Back in the early eighties we were travelling in the country somewhere north of the city. It was quite early in the morning and our usual radio station (can't remember what it was, 3XY maybe?) started to fade in and out. With a bit of dial twiddling we found a nice strong signal which happened to be 3LO, now known as ABC Melbourne.

I could not believe what I was hearing. This grumpy old bloke was moaning on about something and then he would stop talking and there would be several seconds of dead silence. We were aurally mesmerised, if I can get away with that. The old bloke, was of course, Peter Evans. And ever since then, I have been a devoted 3LO listener.

In the eighties broadcasts were often interrupted by the broadcast of federal parliament and cricket. Parliament was later shifted to 3AR (Radio National) and then News Radio. We still put up with cricket.

But at such times, I learnt to appreciate Radio National and classical music on ABC FM radio. On the odd occasion I listened to 3CR , 3JJ (?), RRR and PBS In the nineties I sometimes listened to JJJ and then came along a gay radio station JOY Melbourne.

Joy can be very entertaining for anyone, especially at weekends when there is more talk and much of the retro music appeals to me. I am a member of the station and have been for many years. The work that volunteers do astonishes me and, while office politics shall I call it, sometimes get vicious, what comes through the speakers is of a very high standard.

Before obtaining a local community license, Joy used to frequency share with a Muslim radio station. It used to bug me Monday mornings when I would switch the radio on and instead of Joy, I would hear foreign tongues. But wonder how they fared on Thursday morning when they switched their radios on and heard, Joy Melbourne, Australia's first and only gay and lesbian radio station, as the promo went.

I owe a lot to ABC Melbourne. It is very important to me. Weekends, depending what I am doing, after most of Tonya Roberts has finished, I switch over to Joy for the rest of the weekend. Fave program at moment is Gillian and Clare with the G Spot, but Frank and Benny are very funny with Two Fat Lattes.

But one must stay up to date and I keep forgetting and next Tuesday I have a body corp meeting where I am going to biff someone, so I won't be able to listen then either. To what? Agent Fare Evader on Tuesday evenings on SYN FM Melbourne. I believe he plays some modern Indian music, which from the little I have heard elsewhere, I quite like. I just hope he keeps rap at a minium and doesn't play headbanging stuff at all. He certainly has a good voice for radio. We shall see.........eventually. Just noticed that they use the old Joy frequency, 90.7. Good, it is still preset on my car radio and bedside clock.

Can I just add an honourable mention for Nova. The laconic Dave Hughes is very funny and for commercial radio, it is not too bad.

Online newspapers

It is best that I no longer link a mention of a newspaper to their web site, as you have to sign up and join to read an article. I don't think I have had to sign up for the Herald Sun yet, but it will happen. I have already signed up for the New York Times and the Straits Times. Why can't you just sign up for one Murdoch paper and have access to them all?

Friday, December 10, 2004

Heavy rains

A short time ago, heavy rain fell here in Melbourne. St Kilda Rd flooded immediately, as it does. The slip lane from St Kilda Rd to Toorak Rd had very deep water and two teenagers stripped off to their shorts and had a great fun time in the water.

They stood next to the car lane and water washed and sprayed right over them. Some lightly dressed other teens joined in and a big water fight started. Nice to see the kiddies having fun.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Soap for fuel

I only half caught the news this morning. Maybe I got it a bit wrong, but did I hear that I won't be able to buy petrol unless I wash my face first? I am not overly keen on the guy where I buy my petrol and I sure don't want him checking my face to see if it is clean.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Highriser and media

I dunno if you need to know this or that you would be interested. But a blog surely is an excercise in self indulgence.

Ok, I buy the big paper twice a week. Tuesday for the IT supplement. This has become increasingly irrelevant to the home pc user, but there is the odd thing that interests me. Thursday for the Green Guide. By thoroughly reading the GG, I keep up on technology, movies, and of course tv. When someone mentions some show that I have never seen on commercial tv, I probably know a bit about it.

If I come across the little paper, I might flick through it, read the letters page and get angry how people are published under a nom de plume, often those with the most red neck views.

MX is fun for two minutes. And I wouldn't expect their letter writers to sign their names.

TV, mostly ABC, occasionly SBS and sometimes commercial tv. Mostly commercial tv coz partner is watching something.

You can find all my never miss shows on ABC at their website. Catalyst, Australian Story, Media Watch, Dynasties, The Glasshouse, Kath and Kim, Gardening Australia, Stateline, and sadly, The Bill.

Take them all away from me Buddha, I don't care, but don't take away my wireless. (oh, I feel a long post coming on). Save it for another time.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Site Attack

A site I check every so often has been cyber attacked. Well, it looks like it to me. I recently was driven to defend the quality of the building in which I live at one of the forums. I would love to say check out but you can't. You will probably see this message on a blank page. Cyb3r Attack

Hope they get it working again soon.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Like to do it proper

At my age I ought to know when to change the sheets on my bed. My mother used to change both weekly. My step mother used to wash the top sheet weekly and move the bottom one to the top. I just do it at random. Minium time would be one week, maxium, I am not game to confess.....well, can't remember anyway. Seems not to matter too much when you sleep alone mostly and the sheets are black (not satin) anyway.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Ho, ho, ho.

While walking to the shops yesterday, halfway through Fawkner Park we came across a group of people standing in a circle and laughing. Partner immediately commented that it was one those sad assed laughing groups. Ok, Mr Smarty Pants, I said, you walk past them without getting a smile on your face, and of course he couldn't and I certainly couldn't. I checked other people walking and nor could they. Without a doubt, laughter is infectious.

While it is not my thing, I admire them and good luck to them. I keep my sense of humour operating most of the time, although I do confess sometimes it completely shuts down at work.