Saturday, December 04, 2004

Battle with the blog

On the left of the main page of my blog is a bit of text about me and a mention of the blogs I read. I have changed it for various reasons. But it won't stay changed. I edited it, saved it, republished the blog and it was fine, until the next time I went to my blog. It had reverted to what it used to be.

I attempted this several times and it would always revert. I am pretty patient with this sort of stuff and it was not life threatening. At this stage I could see it was going to be a bit of a battle so I decided to put the text into a word doc and just paste it in as required. I then deleted the text and put just the word 'test'. After one reversion, test stayed there. Good. Try the proper text again a couple of times but it just reverted to test. Ok, try having nothing there at all. That worked very well. It was very happy with that setting.

So now I paste in the text, check the blog and all is well. Check an hour later and text is still there. Check next day and it is back to blank.

Possibilities. Over 500 characters? I can't be bothered counting them or doing a line average. It can't possibly be 500 characters. No html allowed, well web addresses are not html are they? Besides, there was always a web address there. Caching problem? No, blogs don't seem to cache. Would rather defeat the purpose of them wouldn't it. Most likely it is just one of those things that happens and one day Mr or Mrs or Miss Blog will decide it will allow my text to stay there. I will just keep changing it until it accepts it.

Otherwise, this blogging site is pretty good, especially as it is free. I would like to change to another template that has more features, but I think I would lose everything already written. Besides, the template is the most attractive one I have come across. That is my opinion of course, but I have noticed a lot of others use this one too.

At the moment every couple of weeks I save what I have written into a word doc and file them in a folder for that month. I can see over a long period, that is not going to work well if I want to check back on something, so soon I will need to set up a better filing system. General subject headings seem to be the way to go. But I can see myself scratching my head when a post doesn't logically match a heading. That is why I will need a folder called misc. I have a few misc folders scattered around the hard drive and on cds.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Typical public transport

Noticed that the ferry was late setting off tonight. The Spirit of Tasmania is it? Normally see it about 9.15, but tonight it was around quarter to ten. Maybe it was extra busy and took time to load. It's blazing lights are well out of sight now at a quarter to eleven. Just a couple of buoys flashing and the lights of what I think is Portarlington.

Palais is lit up tonight...........ummm, Tina Danni Minougue Ithink.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Late night email

I say late night email because it is and I am tired after a big day and I am now half asleep, but I feel compelled to write. Modern young people flit from job to job and good luck to them, go for the change, the more money, the more job satisfaction, the step up the ladder, the experience.

Sadly, I have not done that. Today I was recognized for my 25 years of service to one company basically doing the one job. Management did their stuff, hand shakes and photo oportunities, real mates at work tried to ignore it, but the nicest thing happened. So many co workers were so nice to me today, it really tripped me out.

Let me rephrase this, my 200 odd workmates are ace.........ah, that was an expression from the mid nineties...........wicked is it now? No, that was 2000. Settle for nice blokes or kewl guys.

From yesterday's news

Onionmania, excessive or binge shopping. Wish I could afford to do that.........or have I missed the point?

Fox hunting outlawed in England. What???? The upper classes to be deprived of the pleasure of dogs ripping foxes apart? Outrageous!

Photo copy machine repair men are very busy in December, especially replacing broken scanning glass. Often there is paper jammed inside too. What's that about then? I guess people work extra hard in December and do lots of photocopying. Hmmm.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Bit more on pets

Animals can do some funny things at times. I can't remember half or most of what our pets did, but one thing comes to mind.

We were painting. We have done a lot of that in the past. I will just slip in here a word of advice for someone who might be painting in the near future. Work out how long it will take, then tripple it. Back to the dog. He liked us and liked to be with us, be it in the evenings at home, while house work was being done, or in the garden. He liked to be with us when we were painting too, and many times he brushed across a freshly painted wall, which had us picking his black hairs out of the paint.

But one day he truly surpassed himself by standing in the paint tray, and not on the top bit, but the bottom bit, full of paint. A rational human being would have contained the situation carefully, but we were not. We yelled, 'Toby' and he must have had an idea he had done wrong and bolted. Then we realised the importance of containing the situation, so we were off after him. Foot prints across the lounge room, through the dining room, across the kitchen floor and out onto the paved area outside.

Were we amused, no. Did we beat him, no. Did we clean it all up, yes. Do we laugh about it now, yes. He was clever, but not clever enough to know about paint trays and the repercussions.

Advent calendar

While I have heard of them, I don't know anything about them. I believe it is something you obtain before christmas and open a flap(s) each day leading to christmas. Under the flap is something religious, no idea what.

But we have received an advent calendar from overseas, a non christian country and it looks like a tourism promotion calendar. It shows castles, hot springs, temples, statues etc etc.

I look forward to tomorrow, the 1st and see what is under the first flap.

Monday, November 29, 2004

New phones

New mobile phones have arrived in the highriser household. Mine is an Ericsson K500i and partners is an Ericsson T630. It is a couple of years at least since we bought new mobiles. Well, not exactly bought. This time they did not cost us anything and I must pay $30 a month for two years with $30 calls, far in excess of what I use now and he must pay $20 a month for two years, with $15 calls, in excess of what he uses. Plus we can call each other for free for three mins anytime. Good reasons to change from Optus to Telstra plus Telstra has better coverage and my phone will now have a signal in the lift.

It was a nasty hot day and the Telstra shop had no aircon, must have broken down, and the ‘porting’ took much longer that expected and I had so much to do. They won’t let you take the phone until the porting has happened, so I just had to hang around in the heat. I ended up walking out in a foul mood, ready to return the next day, but as it always happens, I was no sooner home, than the porting went through, so I went back and collected the phone as I had time later that night to play with it.

I thought the menu would be easy as I have always had Ericsson phones (this is my fifth), but actually it was so different to my old phone and more like my partner’s old Samsung. My criticisms of my new phone so far are the ring is not loud enough, nor long enough before it diverts and I don’t like any of the ring tones. I will have to either compose my own or download one. We have been having fun with the inbuilt cameras though and generally we are both pleased with them.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Voice recognition

Automated voice recognition has come a long way since the last time I was forced to use it. In fact it worked flawlessly except when I wasn't expecting voice recognition in the beginning and when asked for my phone number, I said, Um, ahh and gave the number and she repeated my um and ahh back to me.