Saturday, November 06, 2004

Stern look

A stern look was what I wanted to give these three teenage girls in a car with loud music blaring from their opened windows. Driving is not a lark and requires concentration. But honestly I could not help but grin as they were all belting out in unison with the track Sisters are Doing for Themsleves.

A nice moment after coming out of the casino with full of those sad, serious faced people.

Friday, November 05, 2004


I cannot compehend someone of the stature of Prunella Scales and her husband, Timothy West is it?, being famous American actors and using public transport.

But as famous UK actors, they mostly get around by public transport, making frequent use of their bus passes.

There are some truly admirable qualities to the English.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

I is a romantic

I recall in a book I read that some chaps climbed to a high hill and from there they could see five counties.

Dunno how that equates to Australia, but I can see five town halls and so five municipalities of the old order. Eyes left and there is Hawthorn Town Hall, there is Malvern Town Hall, and next to it is Prahran Town Hall and a bit further right is Caulfield Town Hall. What I can't see is Kew Town Hall (does Kew have a town hall?) A hill blocks our view of St Kilda Town hall, fucking high rise office building blocks our view of South Melbourne Town Hall and Port Melbourne Town Hall.

But still, views of a few town halls in one swing of the eyes is good.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Yesterday's balance sheet.

TAB out $18, in $12.
Sweep, out $5, in $10(last horse prize, haha).
Total loss $1

TAB out $18, in $16
Sweep, out $5, in $40
Total profit $33.

And it was a lot of fun.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Beloved ABC

Tuesday is not a good night normally to stay up late, unlike Saturday night when you can trip out on Rage . But for us over 30's Studio 22 is well worth catching if you want to see some older type folks doing live music. Kinda nice to see pop stars from the 80s and 90s having to sing live.

Streets of danger

Very pleased to report that we did not take the car out today, but caught public transport. Roads were way too scary. While waiting for the tram, an accident happened in front of us, someone went through a red light, then once on the tram, we noticed emergency vehicles in Alma Rd attending to the injured in another accident, and this was before it rained. Spoilt their cup day I think.

Drive cautiously folks and concentrate on the serious task at hand.

Much excitement

I love Melbourne Cup Day. There is a fantastic atmosphere with some beautifully dressed race goers with a very happy demeanor. It is my day for gambling on the gee gees and I have put $1 each way on 9 races. I was too late for the first race and I would have lost anyway, but got a win in the second, covered half my days outgoings.

I have almost finished Coronation Talkies. Enjoyable read but not exactly taxing. Some of the local Indians phrases are very amusing. Mrs Banajee's brand new car, this is in the 1930s, is always fully referred to as the 'fully luxury ultra modern Chrysler Air Flow Imperial' although the driver abbreviates it behind her back to the FLUMCAFI and does a nice trade renting the back seat out by the hour when the owner does not want it to use.

While not wanting to send anyone up, it amuses me at work when an Indian co-worker's relative dies and it is noted on a black board so that you can offer condolences. The last one went like this. 'Sadly Premil has lost his father in Perth.' I can't help but think it careless of someone to lose his father.

My personal experiences with many Indians has not been good. I must try harder. Trouble is they speak English so well, they disarm you into thinking they are just like you, so you don't make allowances for a different culture.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Busy busy

Dinner in Lygon St Friday night at University Hotel, great value. As mentioned, it is years since I have been to Lygon St and what a different world it is. So many restaraunts, so close together and an interesting mix of people, without the backpacker element that inhabits Fitzroy and Ackland streets. To sum up, a great atmosphere.

Immigration Museum on Saturday, absolutely fascinating and I will go back and devote more time. It was quite moving at times. The interactive migrant interview was fun, with you playing the role of the immigration officer. It is worth going just to get a good look at the interior of the Customs House

Docklands for fish and chips. I think this may become a bit of a Melbourne institution. Unfortunately our order was mixed up and after waiting some time, the waitress noticed us sitting unfed and investigated the problem. We were very hungry but we could not get annoyed as her efforts to fix the problem and compensate were perfect. Coffee and Turkish Delight a bit later.

It is or was Navy week and there was a patrol boat and a larger ship docked, both open to the public. The navy band's music drifted pleasantly around docklands.

Of course we saw the open for inspection sign and like moths to a flame we were drawn in. A two bedroom , half the size of our present place, 1 car space, claustrophobic low ceilings, poor finishes for $500K!!!!! Must be mad. Good points were quite a nice view as it was 14 floor, but not a wide view, and very nice lifts.

Dinner at a friends house in Footscray West, nay, West Footscray according to the Melways, but Footscray West for the Post Office et al. Stunning house, good company, ordered in Italian. Sydney property sales can buy you a lot in Melbourne.