Thursday, October 28, 2004

Food and a big mouth

What have I done? For what reason I cannot remember, but my partner and I were talking about Lygon St, yes, the Carlton, Melbourne, Australia one. I can only recall going there once on a very riotous night and going to the upstairs of a restaurant and eating whatever. Must have been more than ten years ago.

I think Lygon St was the first street to use outdoor heating, and the first touts I had heard about in Melbourne. Don't forget the first pizzas and first proper coffee (doubtful).

Some big mouthed idiot said it might be interesting to go there for a meal, so guess where we are going for dinner tonight?!!

My memories of Lygon St are quite a few years old but I expecting a pretty ordinary meal for too much money, but balanced by a nice tram trip and seeing some Italian guys in tight jeans (shows you how old my memories of Lygon St really are).

Better stop off on the way home at qv for some shopping and a de-stressing bottle of Bombay Gin (yeah, I did mention I was reading a book about the Raj).

Yours, no, it's mine

A man came and said I want some land. The owner said, no, it is mine. The man said, well, it used to be mine, I will go to the wise ones and ask. He asked the wise ones and was given some of the land as he had no where else to live. The owner accepted this grudgingly and boundaries were drawn.

But then the new owner let his people spread into the what was left of the previous owners land. This caused much botheration, fighting and unhappiness.

But now the wise ones weren't the only wise ones and the wiser ones from all over the world said, stop, desist, but the newcomer would not listen and he still had the favour of wise ones.

The man started doing some horrible things to the new people, remember the new people were the original people, so the newcomer started to build a wall. But the wall went into part of the man's land and he was even unhappier. He continued to do terrible things for which he earnt a reputation for doing in other places in the world that he lives.

The wise ones from the world said don't put the wall into the man's land. But the newcomer would not listen and the wise ones just laughed.

Now everyone is unhappy and no one knows what to do about the newcomers and the man and it has stirred trouble in other peoples lands too.

Lest this is a bit oblique, here is a hint. What a laugh we used to have at the name Arrafat. I can't remember if it was at school, or later in life with friends, but the name Yassar Crack A Fat used to have us in hoots of laughter.


When we moved into this high rise building, we foolishly imagined that we would never see any critters this high. No flies, mozzies, ants, moths, little insects that fill your light shades, spiders and birds. The birds love checking the balcony for spiders. Anyway, wrong again. We have had the lot.

But at the moment it is moths. I did hear something about a Melbourne invasion by Bogong Moths, should that be bogan moths? I am not sure what sort of moth they are but boy are there a lot of them. I brought a plant in from the balcony to water it, and once inside, out flew five of them. Being the kind person I am, I captured them using a glass and a promotional card from the nightclub seven and released them.

My kindness does not run to flies though. I am responsible for the death of some spiders unfortunately. I thought surface spray around the balcony would just deter spiders from spinning their webs on our balcony and they would move on to someone elses. But the spray killed several spiders and I felt bad and now I just keep the spiders who want to live here busy spinning new webs as I get rid of their old ones.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Squeeze, scrape, upend

Yep, I am one of those who scrape away at the margarine container until I get as much as practicable out.

I squeeze the toothpaste tube until it hurts my fingers.

I retrieve my partner's supposedly empty shampoo bottle from the recycling bin, add some water, shake and use it for a couple of weeks.

But I would never dream of adding water to the tomato sauce bottle.

I wonder if shampoo bottles should go in the recyling bin anyway?

I take papers down to the recyling room and come back with more than I take.

If it was entirely up to me, I wood probably print on both sides of paper and use the backs of envelopes for note paper.

Oh, and a storm damage report, St Kilda Rd looks like a battlefield, but no real damage except to Melbourne Grammar's picket fence where a branch fell on it.

Damage to personal property, different to living in a house where you apprehensively wait for the less than perfect tin roof fly away, or the chimney collapse (yep, that one did happen) or the garden much the worse for wear. Now just waiting for the promised hail this afternoon.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Family barbie

Well, not quite the full family, one brother thought he had something better to do, but wasn't sure what it was. Sister was not feeling so well, Sis-in-law had her food van to operate at Frankston market. Nieces and nephew busy with their own stuff. So just us, Mum, step father and brother.

But it was good fun at One Tree Hill in the Dandenongs. It was quite warm in the car and I was looking forward to the cool of the hills. However, it was a little cooler than we would have liked. It fact by the time we left, our noses were dripping from the cold.

Sometimes I forget what amusing company my mother can be. She had us laughing until tears were running down our cheeks. Her speciality is silliness. Somehow she managed to get her glasses entangled in the cord of her sunhat.

Somehow, wrapped in a blanket to warm up, she did not notice she had dragged the corner of it everywhere and it was filthy.

Somehow, she started a frantic search by all for her handbag, only to find it on her arm.

She and my step father had the use of someone's car while they were overseas and boy, did they clock up some kilometres with their weekend drives. My step father found the sticker on the back window, that advertised where the car was bought, quite distracting when viewed in the rear view mirror. But they thought they may damage the screen demister wires if they removed it. My mother just thought it was plain ugly, so she came up with the bright idea of sticking a post card over the top of it. Certainly more distracting than the original sticker. She kindly cleaned the car before returning it and removed the card, and only kept 10 of the 20 pens she found spread through the car.

Subtely is not her strong suit. She gave me a second genealogy book, having forgotten that she had already given me one a year or so ago. Ok, I can take the hint. It is on the to do list.