Friday, December 31, 2004

Two movies

I taped some ads on tv a few weeks ago, and slotted in between them was the movie Iris. Nice little story of English author Iris Murdoch's slide in senile dementia (can't spell that althem word). Fisrt class acting by Dame Judy Dench and her co star, playing her husband, was excellent too.

Today we went to the cinema and saw Motor Cycle Diaries. I read a lot about Che Guevara years ago, and I am afraid what I read and can remember did not gell with the character on the screen. But it is a movie, not a biography, and was entertaining enough.

Oh yeah, and the interior of the Cinema Como has had a major make over. Very nice indeed.

And we caught a tram in Chapel St, and unlike the usual electronic whine, this tram went ding ding, clunk, shhhhhhh and we were off.

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