Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Transport Bar

OR, why I don't go to bars anymore.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Learnt that Transport Bar has a gay theme on Wednesday nights. The advertising said 8 till late. I happened to mention this to my partner and he suggested we should go for a look see. I checked their website and found that they do a nice pie, chips and salad for a reasonable price. I am not so stupid. I knew not much would be happening if we arrived at 8, but as Thursday is a working day for us, it could not be otherwise.

I will just add here that I love the Transport Bar during the day. It is stylish, airy, light, lots of areas and very relaxing.

But as soon as we stepped off the tram, I thought, I don't think we will be eating here tonight. We pushed our way in, peoples were very drunk and loud, the floor very sticky, the openish area to Swanston St was closed for a private function, the music was was just too full on. We had one drink and left. To ease the slight disappointment, I suggested we go to Lygon St for a meal, but partner suggested KFC. Perfect, and I refuse to feel guilty for having KFC twice in one year.

We then had a look at the christmas tree in the city square and I had not seen the water wall in Collins St close up at night, so that was interesting.

We came home to find there was an informal body corp committee meeting in progress, so we joined in and after half an hour of chatting and merry christmas wishes, we are home. I am quite happy at home. Just as well, as it costs us a lot of money, but money well spent. A brief visit to a bar just confirms that I like being home. This from someone who ten years ago would have had a tantrum if he had to stay home on a Friday or Saturday night. I kinda like being a bit older; it is a lot easier.

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  1. The show was cancelled. I was there myself. Just noticed a lot of trash in the place (with some talent). Witnessed a few idiots being escorted out by security and also noticed a fight inside as well.

    Was not happy the show didn't eventuate. However i did have some chips with the lovely yummy wasabi mayo.


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