Saturday, December 11, 2004

Telstra and the bomb

Will a mention of bomb in the subject line have ASIO reading my blog? Not for long I think as I miss spelled it. It should be Telstra and the bom. Bureaux of Meterology (highriser is not a good spelr). Not good enough Zeigfield. For a week in Melbourne we have had tropical weather, humidity, storms, heavy rains.

For two days I could not view the rain radar at the weather bureau's site. I depend on the rain radar to plan my day and how to dress. Yesterday I rang them and they asked if I was a Telstra internet user. I am and they told me the fault was with Telstra and I needed to contact them.

Call the most dialled number ever from my phone, tech support on 133 933. A recorded message about a problem with webmail and then the phone hung up. Called twice more and no doubt added to Ziggy's retirement payout, same result. Tried in the afternoon, different recorded message, but it still hung up on me. Called the general enquiry number and she managed to get me into the queue. Gave up after 20 mins. I always utilize the time spent when on hold. I emptied the dishwasher, read a page of the newspaper and wrote out a christmas card for my step father.

But this morning the rain radar is working again, and I am a more relaxed and confident person. This bloody www is insidious. While you can sling out a phrase like, the net is great but wouldn't care really if I didn't have it, I think I would.

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