Thursday, December 30, 2004


Listen kiddies, this example shows you how it works.

New Year’s Eve 2003/4. Public transport shambles. PTUA gets great mileage with videos of packed trams and trains, and many left stranded. Outrage on radio talkback. State Government defensive.

Pre NYE 2004/5.

Government announces all night train service and extended tram service. Train company bribes train drivers with promise of a day in lieu and double time and a half, and still not many biting. It remains to be seen.

Tram company can play with the roster and extend the service. Much complaining from staff and mentions of sickies.

But this is what was told to me, so I am not putting my name to it nor saying it is true. Tram staff were complaining about only receiving normal pay for working on christmas day so the tram union and the tram management got together and decided the tram staff would be paid public holiday rate for working christmas day, the quid pro quo being that trams would run all night NYE. 24 extra shifts were allocated to at least one depot and at this stage, three of them are covered. Everywhere in the depot mentioned, there are notices calling for staff to work overtime NYE. I doubt there are many takers.

I might be wrong, and I think it is a gamble on the government’s part, but I think practically it won’t be much better than last year.

But credit to the government, they made all night NYE transport happen. Credit to the tram/train companies, they made all night NYE transport happen. Credit to PTUA, they agitated and made all night NYE transport happen (sorry DB, not having a go).

But Blanche, it just ain’t gonna happen.


  1. Anonymous8:12 am

    Well Andrew, it has happened! Not perfect but not bad and 1000% better than last year.


  2. The late night tram extension worked well. 35% of the other extra Malvern trams ran. We will never know as for some, a tram would have arrived immediately, some might have waited hours for the right tram. An extension of the service was appropriate. Providing a service for drunks and trash may not have been. I can only judge by what I see.


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