Friday, December 24, 2004

Pick up on the 72

I boarded the tram and sat down on a side seat adjacent to a young guy in the homey uniform of the young. I did not take much notice of him and started reading my paper. I don’t mind sitting facing the rear or forward but I dislike sitting sideways, so I was sitting on a bit of an angle but not quite facing the guy.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed he was ‘rearranging the furniture’. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed his furniture must have been a mess as it was taking a long time to rearrange.

Ok, I couldn’t help but stare now as the furniture was obviously getting excited. There were plenty of other passengers, but as usual, they remain oblivious to such things and he was guarding himself a bit with his hooded jacket.

After three or four minutes, and I knew this was coming, he made a motion with his thumb and fingers that you would if your were checking that you didn’t have more than one note of money stuck together. Then the open hand, $50, I guess.

Saved by the bell, kind of it. I smiled at him and rang the bell for the next stop, even though I was one stop short. It was the only graceful way I could get out of the situation. He went back to reading his book. In case you think I am completely resistant to such offers, I am not. He just wasn’t my type and although hard to tell under all those clothes, he did not look terribly clean. If I were tempted to pay for it, I would choose someone who was my physical ideal, besides, far too much to do to have time for all that nonsense plus, $50 would keep me in wine for a week or so.

Still, it was a bit of fun for a couple of minutes.


  1. hmmm very curious about that since I've noticed that there are two pics that have been floating around online taken on a (at the time when we had the two companies) yarra tram. Looked like a homie type of boy, but you couldn't see the face.

  2. I guess you are talking about Bentleigh Race who now has a commercial website. I have pics of him in trams 237 and 2131. Wasn't him though.

  3. okay that's got my attention

  4. Oh, and he does show his face in more recent pics

  5. oooh really. Is he cute? :D

  6. He is ok, if you like lean, hard bodied sort of guys. Always has sunglasses on.

  7. *gets a mop to clean up the drool*


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