Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Nastiness on public transport

I guess it is sort of expected that old people will mutter and moan about young people and what they get up to. And young people will whinge about stupid and slow old people.

While I am mainly familiar with the more expensive areas of Melbourne, and the kids mostly go to private schools, I expect this goes for the whole of Melbourne, in fact most places.

On public transport I have never seen such nastiness and vindictiveness from a young person towards an old person as I have from an old person towards a young person. Yes, teenagers can be noisy, unthinking, careless and inconsiderate. But the sheer venom in their voices that I have heard old people use towards young people really makes me wonder how they got to old age and have no memory of being young.

To contrast, I have seen so many courteous acts by young people towards older people, mostly graciously received, but not always. Overseas students seem to be a shining example but even on a day to day basis, Aussie brought up kids seem to treat old people with concern and respect, although they could never be called obsequious.

Please Allah, should I make it too old age, don't make me one of those crabby old people who hates young people.

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  1. You're right about the old people. The majority of them seem to be grumpy, bitter, unhappy old farts.

    About a week back I was travelling as a passenger on a tram, and there was a small handful of people on board.

    A girl of about 17 was quietly sitting talking to someone on her mobile (and it wasn't the normal WOW LOOK AT ME I AM TALKING ON MY MOBILE PHONE I AM TEH COOL!!!!!!!!!!! type of conversation, just a quiet one! :)), and some old hag decided to arc up about it and complain constantly about how much it bothered her, and how rude the girl was.

    Being off duty, I made sure I told her where to shove her opinion.

    It amazes me that these people were brought up in a time where one was taught to respect one's elders, and children were seen and not heard. Seems now they think the world revolves around them, and to hell with manners.

    I also remember upsetting another old hag, while waiting on duty at a tram stop after being told "YOU THERE. PICK UP MY TROLLEY AND PUT IT ON THE TRAM". Wrong thing to say :)