Saturday, December 18, 2004

My motor

This post is inspired by a fellow blogger who complained about the cost of repairs to his car.

My car is oldish, not as old as my Humber Super Snipe that I used to have, but almost 20 years old. It has great air-con, electric windows/mirrors, cruise control, heaps of courtesy lamps, heaps of storage pockets, multitude adjustable very comfortable seating, split rear seat for luggage carriage, an excellent radio/cassette, body and interior is in good condition, tinted windows that have been maintained, and the engine goes ok. I mainly use if to travel to and from work, otherwise it is public transport or my partners more modern car. For a long trip it is a hard choice, as his does not have cruise. But it is pre coffee cup holder. (Mazda 626 if you are wondering)

But why do I feel that I am such a loser for driving such an old car?

I visited a work mates place for lunch recently. He lives in Clayton and has a stunningly luxurious big 4WD, (SUV for you folk across the Pacific), but oh, what a squalid tasteless house. But no matter, he is a nice bloke and I think nothing less of him for where he lives or what he lives in, but I do think his priorities are odd. Why would he want spend so much money on a car, when his own house is so modest? (Grammar checker has just told me I have used a ‘reflexive pronoun’, sorry about that. Revision considered and denied, thank you Bill)

Oh, a collision outside just happened, cnr Kingsway and St Kilda Rd, but not doing the biffo though, boring.

Well, that ties in, hey. How paranoid would you be driving a smart new car, only to have someone slam the door into it in a carpark.

I know I am wrong as nearly everyone has a car newer than mine, but (partner inserts a drawn out moan) that is me. I just don’t care about a new car. Power steering is good, electric windows for windows other that the driver is good, cruise control is ok, but I don’t care much about them. I do care about air-con though, at home, at work and in the car. An essential. Don’t quote me, but I think the first cars with air-con appeared in India in the late 1930s, in cars owned by the Raj but they only had punkah wallahs at home.

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  1. I totally agree with you. To me, a car is a way of getting from A to B not an extension of my personality or a way of showing the world how much money I have. Even if I won the big one in tattslotto, buying a new car wouldn't come into my thinking.

    A few years ago, before housing prices skyrocketed, a friend bought a new BMW. It cost more than my flat. I bet I got a helluva lot more when I sold my flat than he got for his secondhand beemer :)

    I think people are driving by some kind of stupid consumerism, the same force that makes them get a new mobile phone as soon as the old contract expires. For me, if something works then why spend good money replacing it. Far better to drive an older car than to kill myself working to pay off a new one.