Friday, December 17, 2004

Modern youth wireless

The cleverness of young people amazes me at times. On Joy I hear very talented young broadcasters, and now, thanks to my luddite technology radio cassette tape recorder, I am up to speed with Internationl Affair, a SYN FM radion show presented by Agent Fare Evader .

The Agent is very talented and presents his program well. His speech is clear, if very rapid fire, but I think that is the way of youth radio broadcasting. He drops his g's in the right places, just like a professional. I like the music, (modern Indian dance music for the want of the correct term), but after an hour of it, it has a certain sameness to it that becomes wearing. Of course some is better than others and I could easily find a few tracks that I would like to hear again. One was familiar to me as I hear it sometimes at an Indian friend's house and another I had already downloaded coz I liked it.

Well done AFE, keep it up.

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