Thursday, December 02, 2004

Late night email

I say late night email because it is and I am tired after a big day and I am now half asleep, but I feel compelled to write. Modern young people flit from job to job and good luck to them, go for the change, the more money, the more job satisfaction, the step up the ladder, the experience.

Sadly, I have not done that. Today I was recognized for my 25 years of service to one company basically doing the one job. Management did their stuff, hand shakes and photo oportunities, real mates at work tried to ignore it, but the nicest thing happened. So many co workers were so nice to me today, it really tripped me out.

Let me rephrase this, my 200 odd workmates are ace.........ah, that was an expression from the mid nineties...........wicked is it now? No, that was 2000. Settle for nice blokes or kewl guys.

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  1. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Perhaps I`m showing my age, but I`d say my workmates are grouse!!!! Congrats on lasting 25 years. That`s got to be some kind of record! - Vik.


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