Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Highriser and media

I dunno if you need to know this or that you would be interested. But a blog surely is an excercise in self indulgence.

Ok, I buy the big paper twice a week. Tuesday for the IT supplement. This has become increasingly irrelevant to the home pc user, but there is the odd thing that interests me. Thursday for the Green Guide. By thoroughly reading the GG, I keep up on technology, movies, and of course tv. When someone mentions some show that I have never seen on commercial tv, I probably know a bit about it.

If I come across the little paper, I might flick through it, read the letters page and get angry how people are published under a nom de plume, often those with the most red neck views.

MX is fun for two minutes. And I wouldn't expect their letter writers to sign their names.

TV, mostly ABC, occasionly SBS and sometimes commercial tv. Mostly commercial tv coz partner is watching something.

You can find all my never miss shows on ABC at their website. Catalyst, Australian Story, Media Watch, Dynasties, The Glasshouse, Kath and Kim, Gardening Australia, Stateline, and sadly, The Bill.

Take them all away from me Buddha, I don't care, but don't take away my wireless. (oh, I feel a long post coming on). Save it for another time.


  1. Wow, someone who still watches The Bill. I was hooked on it for years, but stopped watching when it went all sudsy and over-the-top.

  2. MX is nothing more than tabloid trash. I only pick it up each day so that I can have a quick flick through it to entertain me at a terminus, do the crossword and read the whinges on the letters page.

    I used to watch The Bill, as I was deeply in <3 with Cass Rickman, and intended to marry her. In fact, I still do.

    I'm actually pleased to say that I've only turned on my TV 3 or 4 times in the last few months, and even then it was only to watch a DVD.

  3. Poor Cass. I only wished she was dead because of her hideous accent, and then she was.

  4. How could you say that about the woman I loved? :(


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