Thursday, December 16, 2004

Crims, kero and big brother

Criminals have to be quite smart nowdays. I heard on the radio today something about something or someone getting torched. The person who did it bought five or seven bottles of kerosene from a Bunnings Hardware store. The police know that this particular kerosene can only be bought at Bunnings and yet they cannot find out who is the guilty person.

Am I overestimating technology? A sale of five or seven bottles sale of kerosene should not be hard to find via the cash register/stock control database. Check the date, time, and location of the sale and then view the cctv footage of that store at that particular time. Perhaps the person was hooded and covered up and there isn’t clear footage, or maybe the camera was defective.

Cameras surround us, our movements tracked via our cards of various types or our public transport tickets and the future will only bring more of the same. We are prepared to accept this for its advantages to us, the benefits of convenience and wanting to keep up with technology.

Btw, highriser had a sickie yesterday. I actually wasn’t feeling too good, but not totally incapacitated.

Big database in sky, that work fortunately cannot access, noticed that highriser came and went from his building five times, three times via the main entrance and twice via the car park (recording of activity of his remote control). Tram cam to record motorists passing a stationary tram recorded him crossing once in the direction of 711. One of his car park exists was in his car (city link etag). He was observed by road cameras travelling down St Kilda Rd and the crossing Commercial Rd and Punt Rd. He bought a parking ticket in the Coles/Safeway carpark. He used his credit card to pay for cake board at Essential Ingredient in Prahran Market. Seen on cctv in Prahran car park and various other cameras in the area. His Medicare card was used at Prahran Market Clinic (not true actually). He caught the 220 bus at such and such time and the 72 tram at such and such time in the later in the day. He boarded here and alighted at these locations. Cctv on the bus tells he read the paper on the bus. Cctv on the tram tells he looked out the window and glanced around at his fellow passengers. Cameras in Prahran area also again saw him. He paid for a AA battery charger at Tandys in Chapel St, but had previously been seen in Safeway examining something similar. He had picked up some almond icing in the store and left it at the battery charger area, thinking he would have to come back. Staff challenged him as he exited store to show what was in his bag, but he pretended he didn’t hear and kept walking. Observed by cctv buying a piece of tandoori chicken by Pran Central cameras. Observed by street cctv having coffee outdoors in Commercial Rd at Eugenis cake shop. He went back to Safeway and bought almond icing, after retrieving it from where he left it. Mobile phone record shows the calls he made and received and he did not venture outside his home area and Prahran. But mobile phone went into a dead area for four hours within his building (committee meeting room). He spent this many hours on the internet at these times. Here is a list of all sites he has visited and has visited in the past year. He received these emails and sent these ones. (Note email to suspected steroid abuser in Sydney, case pending) He made these calls from his home phone. His utility usage dropped off at 10.40 pm, so we would assume he went to bed.

I am sure there is stuff I have missed, and if we did not live in a civilized society I would be worried. Perhaps I should be anyway.

But why the **** can’t police catch criminals?

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  1. Because it involves too much paperwork for the officers responsible for the case, so it goes in the too hard basket for the poor pleb who's on annual leave to fix when he arrives back.


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