Friday, December 24, 2004

Corruption in Australia

There are a few workmates who are I am quite close to, and although we are worlds apart in some ways, oddly we are friends and I imagine that if I left work, I remain in touch with them. One is Buddhist Chinese Thai, one Christian Chinese Cambodian, one Muslim Indonesian. All are around fifty or close. They have all been workmates for a long time and we know each other pretty well. They know I have a male partner. The Thai has met him several times and given his wife makes costumes for drag queens, it is not a problem. The Cambodian is one of the most clever people I have met, quite masculine and assertive. The Indonesian is fiery, emotional but thoroughly decent.

At various times we have talked about corruption in their countries of birth. It is truly part of life in their countries, from the rich to the poor. Of course, the poorest are the real losers as they seldom have money to pay.

If you weren't brave, with some knowledge of the ways of corruption in such countries, you would surely stay at home, lest your plane crashes, the building falls down around you, or the wheels fall off your bus.

When talking of such matters, in the back of my head is how horrible it must be to try and live in blatently corrupt countries, and probably, I was thinking Australia is not corrupt.

But kiddies, we know that is not true. The company police force, ASIC, was formed in 1991 and it's efforts since have resulted in the jailing of 256 people since then, with more pending.

Check out for the list.

I consider I am quite law abiding and I like rules and sometimes I think Australia is becoming a place of do what you want when you want. It is not enforcement of laws by the police that keeps our society together; it is just the basic decency and itelligence of most people.

There is some law breaking I like. The type of protester that results in the advancement of society, those who try to preserve nature, the anti war folk, those who fight against cruelty of animals and indefensible young humans and the sort of person who would throw an egg at the Prime Minister because he is what he is.

But when a government funded authority can jail 256 rich, high and mighty, then I do feel a lot better...............or are those the ones who did not cultivate the right people or paid the right people?

Merry christmas to all.

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