Saturday, December 04, 2004

Battle with the blog

On the left of the main page of my blog is a bit of text about me and a mention of the blogs I read. I have changed it for various reasons. But it won't stay changed. I edited it, saved it, republished the blog and it was fine, until the next time I went to my blog. It had reverted to what it used to be.

I attempted this several times and it would always revert. I am pretty patient with this sort of stuff and it was not life threatening. At this stage I could see it was going to be a bit of a battle so I decided to put the text into a word doc and just paste it in as required. I then deleted the text and put just the word 'test'. After one reversion, test stayed there. Good. Try the proper text again a couple of times but it just reverted to test. Ok, try having nothing there at all. That worked very well. It was very happy with that setting.

So now I paste in the text, check the blog and all is well. Check an hour later and text is still there. Check next day and it is back to blank.

Possibilities. Over 500 characters? I can't be bothered counting them or doing a line average. It can't possibly be 500 characters. No html allowed, well web addresses are not html are they? Besides, there was always a web address there. Caching problem? No, blogs don't seem to cache. Would rather defeat the purpose of them wouldn't it. Most likely it is just one of those things that happens and one day Mr or Mrs or Miss Blog will decide it will allow my text to stay there. I will just keep changing it until it accepts it.

Otherwise, this blogging site is pretty good, especially as it is free. I would like to change to another template that has more features, but I think I would lose everything already written. Besides, the template is the most attractive one I have come across. That is my opinion of course, but I have noticed a lot of others use this one too.

At the moment every couple of weeks I save what I have written into a word doc and file them in a folder for that month. I can see over a long period, that is not going to work well if I want to check back on something, so soon I will need to set up a better filing system. General subject headings seem to be the way to go. But I can see myself scratching my head when a post doesn't logically match a heading. That is why I will need a folder called misc. I have a few misc folders scattered around the hard drive and on cds.

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  1. I believe that if you elect to change the blog template to another of the ones available through blogger, that you will not lose your posts, just the modifications you have made to the template.


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