Sunday, November 14, 2004

Pet story

We used to have pets and I would love to have a dog again. We walk in Fawkner Park and see the dogs running and being very dog like and it gives me a lot of pleasure.

No matter how posh the owners are, and how well bred and groomed they are, they still sniff each others asses.

First was Toby, the pup from some animal home in Kilsyth and he was nearly the last too. He was black, ugly (dogs always look like their owners), not big or small and was easily distracted. I am sure he liked us as he was devoted to us, unless something more interesting came along. He destroyed our newly plated native garden in East Malvern. We can thank him for that. He was hard work, but we loved him deeply.

Next was Thomas from a friend, a large black and white cat and so affectionate he used to dribble when you patted and stroked him. We were very fond of him too and he got on very well with Toby.

Tuffy, the next cat had been treated badly, and behaved as such. We looked after him well, and occasionally repaid with some affection, but he was quite distant. Another reject from a friend.

Last was Jessie, the west hightland white terrier. We had one before they were even fashionabable. She had medical problems throughout her life and we ended up giving her to a friend in the country. She was pure bred with papers and cost us $350, cheap nowdays, but it was quite a lot at the time. She was sickenly affectionate.

Um, and as a companion for Toby for a couple of days, we had a Staffordshire bull terrier from the north melbourne lost dogs home. As a single pet, she would have been fine, but she busted up the dog enclosure, attatcked Toby through jealousy, so we had to take her back. She was a nice but inappropriate dog. I cried when I returned her.

What they all had in common was that they would release their body excretas, sometimes inappropriately and not where water would wash them away like us humans. Piss, vomit, shit, snot, drool, bile, phlegm and saliva. If you are not a pet owner and are tempted, then take note.

We lived in Burwood for only 18 months or so, but both cats went then. Tuffy was obviously very unwell and quite old. When he stopped eating, we took him to the vet and the deed was done.

Thomas went to a neighbours place for a few days and lay under a bush when he felt unwell and we were very fretfull over his dissapearance. The neighbour returned him and another very sad trip to the vet.

Jessie was a wondeful dog to take for a walk. Everyone spoke to you about her. But as said, she had medical problems through her life and died at the hand of a vet in the country through some cancer. How many $$$ did you cost us Jess?

We took Toby for a last walk to Alma Park. He staggered around, blind and arthritic and shaky. We lifted him back into the car and took him to the vet to do what had to be done and we cried and we cried and we cried. And I am crying now at the memory.

I was gonna write something humorous about pets. I shall leave it for another time.

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