Monday, November 29, 2004

New phones

New mobile phones have arrived in the highriser household. Mine is an Ericsson K500i and partners is an Ericsson T630. It is a couple of years at least since we bought new mobiles. Well, not exactly bought. This time they did not cost us anything and I must pay $30 a month for two years with $30 calls, far in excess of what I use now and he must pay $20 a month for two years, with $15 calls, in excess of what he uses. Plus we can call each other for free for three mins anytime. Good reasons to change from Optus to Telstra plus Telstra has better coverage and my phone will now have a signal in the lift.

It was a nasty hot day and the Telstra shop had no aircon, must have broken down, and the ‘porting’ took much longer that expected and I had so much to do. They won’t let you take the phone until the porting has happened, so I just had to hang around in the heat. I ended up walking out in a foul mood, ready to return the next day, but as it always happens, I was no sooner home, than the porting went through, so I went back and collected the phone as I had time later that night to play with it.

I thought the menu would be easy as I have always had Ericsson phones (this is my fifth), but actually it was so different to my old phone and more like my partner’s old Samsung. My criticisms of my new phone so far are the ring is not loud enough, nor long enough before it diverts and I don’t like any of the ring tones. I will have to either compose my own or download one. We have been having fun with the inbuilt cameras though and generally we are both pleased with them.

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  1. It's easy enough to get used to the controls on a phone. I got used to my Nokia, and found it so difficult to use a Motorola that I returned it and got another Nokia.


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