Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Much excitement

I love Melbourne Cup Day. There is a fantastic atmosphere with some beautifully dressed race goers with a very happy demeanor. It is my day for gambling on the gee gees and I have put $1 each way on 9 races. I was too late for the first race and I would have lost anyway, but got a win in the second, covered half my days outgoings.

I have almost finished Coronation Talkies. Enjoyable read but not exactly taxing. Some of the local Indians phrases are very amusing. Mrs Banajee's brand new car, this is in the 1930s, is always fully referred to as the 'fully luxury ultra modern Chrysler Air Flow Imperial' although the driver abbreviates it behind her back to the FLUMCAFI and does a nice trade renting the back seat out by the hour when the owner does not want it to use.

While not wanting to send anyone up, it amuses me at work when an Indian co-worker's relative dies and it is noted on a black board so that you can offer condolences. The last one went like this. 'Sadly Premil has lost his father in Perth.' I can't help but think it careless of someone to lose his father.

My personal experiences with many Indians has not been good. I must try harder. Trouble is they speak English so well, they disarm you into thinking they are just like you, so you don't make allowances for a different culture.

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