Thursday, November 11, 2004


Now I am not having a go at jaywalkers. I do it myself, althoughly carefully and considerately. But a curious thing happens in the mornings at the corner of Latrobe and Swanston Streets.

During the day/evening, people cross Latrobe on the eastern side of Swanston and mostly wait for the walk signal before crossing to the tram safety zone to catch a tram travelling south in Swanston Street. Cars travelling south do not have green light to continue straight ahead, only right and left turn arrows at the next signal phase. So, in practice people could walk straight across Latrobe at an angle to the safety zone, but they don't. It is jaywalking but no one seems to even consider doing this. Except, they do in the morning peak when they stream across at angle straight to the tram safety zone. At about 9.15, everyone suddenly becomes obediant pedestrians and cross correctly.

Human beings sure are odd critters.

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