Monday, November 22, 2004

Intense tv

In Melbourne town it is just after 11pm and I am having a week off work. On 'my' ABC is now a repeat of a show called Wildside. It used to be on at a prime viewing time, early Friday night, and I would sit glued to it, totally immersed. There is little in my life that does not let my mind wander and think about other things when I should be paying attention. But that was one tv show that required total concentration and immersing. Some British cop murder/mystery type shows almost get me there too. Looking at the show as I type, it probably is quite contrived, the camera swings all over the place, scenes jump, many talk at once, colours are not strong, lighting soft. Yeah, I understand that, but still a damn good show. I cannot watch it a second time though. It is just on in the background.

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