Saturday, November 13, 2004

Happy Divali

Or as Bert Newton and Don Lane used to argue, is it Hawaii or Havaii? Divali or Diwali?

We went to a friends place last night to celebrate the occasion and what fun. Lots of small lights, candles burning everywhere (must have been a job lot of tea candles from Ikea), scattered flower petals, chalk drawings, wonderful food of course and cheap Fijian rum that even Coke could not dilute well.

Present were and older Aussie guy we know and his Fijian Indian b/f, a very cute Indian guy who always has us in fits of laughter at his gay scene experiences, a very girly anglo/indian/aussie catholic who was as much a virgin to divali as we were, and a very straight looking and acting handsome Aussie/Fijian/Indian with his Vietnamese b/f who has just done his HSC exams. The Viet guy was very cute and to look at, a teen and his b/f was in his forties.

Sadly I was very tired and also the nominated driver, so we left earlyish, but I am sure the party went on for a long time.....after all the traditional Indian male clothing had not yet come off for the dancing around in saris.

PS, nice steak and salad at home tonight, but b/f is over greek salad, so made a salad in a bowl with yoghurt. I managed to flick a bit of capsicum with said yoghurt upon it, into the air and then onto my shirt. Looks like someone cu..........nah, best left unsaid.

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