Monday, November 15, 2004

Gotta vote

My politics are clear in my head. It is not troublesome for me to vote in Federal and State elections.

But local council elections are a bit harder. One person who hopes to represent our ward, Emerald Hill, in the City of Port Phillip, is totally unkown to me. I don't even know if he is the slightly famous Andrew Demetriou or a lesser known Andrew Demetriou. He has done nothing to get his policies out to his prospective constituents that I have noticed. Unfortuanately it costs personal money to get in touch with electors and maybe he is disadvantaged by this. Good on him for having a go.

Next up is sitting councillor, Peter Logan. I am somewhat a council botherer and he has always responded to any email I have sent him and assisted in some minor matters in our area. I think he is an honourable and hard working councillor, decent bloke and knows how things in local government work. I have no idea of his politics and it does not seem relevant anyway.

Now we peoples in St Kilda Rd consider we are neglected peoples by council and don't get our fair share of the rate pie. Our building, occupying maybe two large house blocks, must generate rates of more than $100,000 and precious little is spent in our street. I feel we got a much better deal when we lived in a private house in Balaclava. Councillor Logan has made no mention of St Kilda Rd residents, except I do know he has been working for a pedestrian bridge across Queens Road for local residents to access Albert Park.

Then we have someone who it would seem is targeting St Kilda Rd residents for their vote. He is Donovan Jacka and those who know about football probably know he was an AFL footballer. I am more interested in his name and wonder if he is connected to the St Kilda foreshore road, Jacka Boulevard. But as said, he is paying particular attention to St K Rd and nearby residents. Pop his name into google and there is quite a list for him. He aknowledges his connection to the Labor Party. He has made the right noises in email exchanges, without promising anything. He is young, fresh and energetic. He went through the right channels to get his promotional material into our letter boxes (maybe Councillor Logan did too). So this bloke really strokes our pussy, so to speak.

I am also entitled to vote in Alma Ward, but sitting incumbent, gay, does good works, ex mayor, Labour Party member, Darren Ray will be re-elected so even if I did vote against him, he will win. Not that I would.

It is rare, but my pencil will be quivering come the time to put a cross the box.

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