Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The electric push button banking machine

I don't use it a lot as I often get cash via eftpos at the supermarket. But today I needed some cash from a nearby machine and it wasn't working, so I went inside the bank and was served by a real person. It was fun, and she asked how hot it was outside.

It was a totally positive experience and the money seems just as good as the money that comes from the electric push button banking machine. Well, it worked alright today anyway, maybe tomorrow it will be rejected. No, forgot, I've spent it you do.

There was no wait in the bank, unlike you often have to at the electic push button banking machine. I held out a long time against using the electric push button banking machine, although I used the facility often when the bank was closed. But if the bank was open, I would queue along with the pensioners. Mostly it was so that I could get the denominations of notes that I needed. And for a short time before it became too expensive for them, they offered $5 if you had to wait more than 5? minutes. That was a bit profitable for me.

Now, with internet banking and eftpos, you don't need to go to the bank at all, except to ask them to switch your credit card debit to the mortgage. Life is good and no nonsense about chickens on perches at nightfall or whatever please.

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