Monday, November 01, 2004

Busy busy

Dinner in Lygon St Friday night at University Hotel, great value. As mentioned, it is years since I have been to Lygon St and what a different world it is. So many restaraunts, so close together and an interesting mix of people, without the backpacker element that inhabits Fitzroy and Ackland streets. To sum up, a great atmosphere.

Immigration Museum on Saturday, absolutely fascinating and I will go back and devote more time. It was quite moving at times. The interactive migrant interview was fun, with you playing the role of the immigration officer. It is worth going just to get a good look at the interior of the Customs House

Docklands for fish and chips. I think this may become a bit of a Melbourne institution. Unfortunately our order was mixed up and after waiting some time, the waitress noticed us sitting unfed and investigated the problem. We were very hungry but we could not get annoyed as her efforts to fix the problem and compensate were perfect. Coffee and Turkish Delight a bit later.

It is or was Navy week and there was a patrol boat and a larger ship docked, both open to the public. The navy band's music drifted pleasantly around docklands.

Of course we saw the open for inspection sign and like moths to a flame we were drawn in. A two bedroom , half the size of our present place, 1 car space, claustrophobic low ceilings, poor finishes for $500K!!!!! Must be mad. Good points were quite a nice view as it was 14 floor, but not a wide view, and very nice lifts.

Dinner at a friends house in Footscray West, nay, West Footscray according to the Melways, but Footscray West for the Post Office et al. Stunning house, good company, ordered in Italian. Sydney property sales can buy you a lot in Melbourne.

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