Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The bookcases

I spent some time tyding our bookcases today. You know, the retentive way of doing it. Descending height order, paperbacks together, reference books together. Visually it looks a lot better and cleaner. I chucked some stuff out too. All those Chinese cookery books for a start and the several salad preparation books. Partner makes wonderful stir fried Asian food and so do many restaraunts, why bother cooking Chinese at home? Will still keep the PWMU cookbook though. It has no cover and is obviously well used but it was my grandmothers. Holiday brochures for a villa in Spain went. It was a bright idea of partner's bro in law that came to nothing. Interestingly, in these www days, I thought it would be so easy to get recipies off the net for anything. But it does not quite seem the case. This week is christmas cake baking week and I can't find a recipie I used to use, so I looked on the net. There were plenty of recipies, but many with imperial measurements, which I can't remember now. One that had chocolate in it as well. I did find one that was close to what I wanted and it should be ok.

A few books I no doubt bought cheap are going. The Road Coad booklet from 1979 is off, and quite a few other irrelevancies. The 2002 Green Guide feature on digital cameras is way out of date, but still useful, so I kept that along with the 2003 Idea catalougue. I have a collection of Ikea cataglogues and I am sure they will provide a laugh at some future point.

There were some serious treasures I found too. My Humber (it's a car) owner's manual is going to go on ebay as will William Yang's Sydney Diaries. Both should be worth a bit. Noticed that I also have Joan Lindsay's post death publication solution supplement to Picnic at Hanging Rock. There are hundreds, if not more, gay novels published each year, but when there was maybe one a year, I bought them all and kept many. I found my beautifully illustrated copy of Wind in the Willows too.

This one is really all over the place, sorry.

Next time I post about books it will be about my almost unknown grandmother.

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