Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Bit more on pets

Animals can do some funny things at times. I can't remember half or most of what our pets did, but one thing comes to mind.

We were painting. We have done a lot of that in the past. I will just slip in here a word of advice for someone who might be painting in the near future. Work out how long it will take, then tripple it. Back to the dog. He liked us and liked to be with us, be it in the evenings at home, while house work was being done, or in the garden. He liked to be with us when we were painting too, and many times he brushed across a freshly painted wall, which had us picking his black hairs out of the paint.

But one day he truly surpassed himself by standing in the paint tray, and not on the top bit, but the bottom bit, full of paint. A rational human being would have contained the situation carefully, but we were not. We yelled, 'Toby' and he must have had an idea he had done wrong and bolted. Then we realised the importance of containing the situation, so we were off after him. Foot prints across the lounge room, through the dining room, across the kitchen floor and out onto the paved area outside.

Were we amused, no. Did we beat him, no. Did we clean it all up, yes. Do we laugh about it now, yes. He was clever, but not clever enough to know about paint trays and the repercussions.

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